Caribbean AML/CTF Principles
and Associated Guidelines


Registry of Compliance

The Member Banks whose Boards have adopted the Caribbean AML/CTF Principles are listed below:

  1. Caribbean Union Bank Ltd- ANTIGUA
  2. Global Bank of Commerce Ltd - ANTIGUA
  3. Republic Bank (Barbados) Ltd - BARBADOS
  4. The Belize Bank Ltd - BELIZE
  5. Grenada Co-Operative Bank Ltd - GRENADA
  6. Republic Bank (Grenada) Ltd - GRENADA
  7. Guyana Bank of Trade and Industry, Ltd- GUYANA
  8. Hand in Hand Guyana - GUYANA
  9. Republic Bank (Guyana) Ltd - GUYANA
  10. Jamaica National Building Society- JAMAICA  
  11. First Global Bank Ltd- JAMAICA
  12. Bank of Montserrat Ltd- MONTSERRAT
  13. The Bank of Nevis Ltd- NEVIS
  14. East Caribbean Financial Holding Company, Ltd - ST.LUCIA
  15. Hakrinbank NV- SURINAME
  16. De Surinaamsche Bank- SURINAME  
  17. First Citizens Bank Ltd- TRINIDAD
  18. Republic Bank Ltd.- TRINIDAD


NOTE: The above list reflects the status of the approvals confirmed by Member Banks, effective 9th August, 2012. This list will be updated as new confirmations are received.